Sunday, December 30, 2012

Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention (PSVita)

A game that tugs at my heart.  This was my first game for my PS3 back when I got it and this was one of the first I got for my Vita.  I love the Disgaea series, for one reason.  The amount of content is astounding.  Everything is at an extreme.  The levels, the maps, the weapons, everything.  Sure this game has some flaws but this particular version has something the PS3 version doesn't, this one has more stuff.

Let's get off with the bad, this is a very grind heavy game.  A great deal of your time will be spent grinding levels on characters.  Even leveling items is time consuming.  Now this is only bad if you don't reap the rewards of this grinding, what are the rewards?  Taking down that ultimate boss, damage in the billions, and the coolest equipment in the game.

The story of this game is alright, I find it to be the weakest out of the series so far but all the characters are lovable and prove that just because you are evil, doesn't mean you can't have a little fun.  The new unique skills for generic characters are a welcome change and are often incredibly useful.  More than once my Healer was doing great deals of damage because of the new skills in this game.  With awakened skills as well, it just sets this game above the PS3 counterpart.

Did I have fun with this game?  Yes, more than I did with the first release.  Will I continue to play it?  Of course, that is the fun of this series.  The post-story bosses are the challenge, the true draw.  They are what pushes you forward.  Being able to take down a level 9999 boss is just so rewarding.  I've never done it but I've come close.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Retro Atari Classics (NDS)

Beep beep blip beep.  I've never been a fan of old arcade games.  This opened my eyes to it a little bit.  Sure the games are fun but they are meant more for an old mindset of gaming.  Not achieving the ending or accomplishing something.  More simply put, they aren't for gamers like me.  Sure they are fun little distractions but they are not whole games anymore.

I still pop this in from time to time just to have a little mindless fun with Centipede but I never spend a lot of time with it.  All in all, it is fun but nothing to sink time into.  High scores just aren't as appealing as they used to be.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Pokemon Rumble Blast (3DS)

One of the first games I got for my 3DS.  For being a close to launch title, this wasn't too bad.  Let's get this out of the way, it was repetitive.  Very repetitive.  The story is bland and definitely not a draw.  What's the major draw of this game?  Getting to play as nearly ever pokemon as you power your way through masses of others.  Sure, it gets old and there can be a lot of cheap battles but it is fun.  Pure clean fun.

It doesn't hold up well, even now.  I would say with the library the 3DS has now, this is easily skippable.  If you like pokemon though, you will have some fun with it.  Just don't expect too much going into it and you will get more than what you expect.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pokemon: Pearl (NDS)

The fourth gen.  A new frontier.  I played this game after a very long hiatus from the series.  I have to say, this was a surprise.  They added a lot to the series from the last game I had played.  I was surprised at the depth it went into.

What else can I say, this is a simple catch everything that moves game and then battle them to the death.  Of course, you have to train hard to win but that's just common sense.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GCN)

Sailing, not something that inspires excitement.  Being in the ocean for long periods of time with little interaction with things is definitely not something that would come across as a good game idea.  This game changed that mindset.  Zelda has always been about the adventure.  Getting further from home or discovering new things with the new items that you find.  This game does not disappoint.

Let me get the bad stuff out of the way, it's short.  I promise.  The biggest issue I have with this game is just one specific part and to not spoil it, I will just say that it is a huge fetch quest.  It is tedious and incredibly drawn out.  It is the only smudge on this otherwise great game.

Why is this game so fun?  Simply put, it is a big adventure.  A giant sandbox with no sand.  Sure you have to sail everywhere but that is half the fun.  Sometimes you run across an event or a monster or you see something in the distance that looks interesting.  It's about setting out and seeing what you can.  Sure there are parts where it is frustrating and you don't know where to go but that is half the fun.  Figuring out where to go at each point and then what to do is fun.

Was this game as good as the other Zelda games?  Of course, it's one of my favorites.  Will it be remembered fondly by others?  Not really, because of that one part that is just a minor flaw in the design, a lapse in judgment.  Should you play this gorgeous game?  Of course, what is more fun that heading out on an adventure just for the sake of adventure?  Nothing.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pokemon: LeafGreen (GBA)

What can I say about Pokemon that hasn't been said already?  This game was a good step into my past.  I had orginally gotten Red version for my Gameboy at the start of my gaming tenure.  It was fun but I didn't know what I was doing.  In fact, I had like three Pidgey's for a while and used my Master Ball on a Pikachu later in the game.

What makes this game better?  Everything.  The fact that after you beat it, you don't end up with just nothing to do is the best part.  Being able to pull in new pokemon from other regions was a nice touch.  Sure the story was the same as it was a long time ago, but I don't care.  I play this for the collecting.  Sure it has a good RPG background and the mechanics are solid.  You know exactly what you are tasked with and why.

That said, I feel this game was slow.  But so was the first game.  The pacing is just so slow that often I would just wander from trainer to trainer just to level the team I had been building since the start just to beat the Elite Four.  I do that in almost every pokemon game now though, so it is not new.

What would I like to see done to the series as a whole?  Probably a new type.  Something weak to dragon but strong to ice.  That way we can have a dragon-ice-new type starter set.  I'm tired of grass-fire-water.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

Here we go, a good reason to own the Wii.  This game was one of the best 3D Mario experiences I've ever had.  It was a solid title to this great series and definitely warrants a play.  Why?  Because this game has what many Mario games needed.  Challenge.

Getting through the main story of this game is not the difficult part.  No, beating the big baddy (you can guess the last boss) is just the beginning of the fun.  Collecting all the stars is the hard part.  Where in typical Mario games, you just have to look high and low for them.  In this, you have to look everywhere, literally.  With many of the galaxies being fairly large, these can be anywhere.

Sure the levels may not be hard, where is the difficulty?  Comets.  With the comet system, the levels get harder or different based off which comet is there.  Sometimes they are nice relaxing "find all the purple coins" kind of challenges.  Other times it "time limit, go" kind of challenges.  You always know what you need to do but it does add to the fun.

I would say that this is a must own for the Wii but most people that own a Wii have this already.  Sure the camera can get goofy at times.  You can't blame it when it suddenly is not on the same plane as Mario.  Still, this is a solid title...only trumped by the sequel.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Guilty Gear Judgment (PSN)

It's a shame that I can't play this on my Vita cause I thoroughly enjoyed this fighter.  Sure I was terrible at it and I never really did much except look at the move list and just do them in Training, but it was fun nonetheless.

This was my first exposure to airdash type fighting games, which would eventually lead me to Blazblue.  I don't know if this game is an airdasher but I don't care.  It was fun.  The fighting game was solid, had a good cast of characters, and wasn't super complicated until you actually wanted to be good.

The action game though, I spent most of my time trying to beat this and still haven't done it.  The last boss is just insane.  I have made it to him as Ky or Sol, I can't remember.  I wish I could beat it but I have tried my best and not even come close.

I look forward to playing more games in the series someday.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Quake 3 Team Arena (PC)

What is the difference between this and my Quake 3 Arena review?  I don't think I actually played this.  When I had Steam, I used to buy cheap stuff.  This was on that list.  I got the full Quake pack for dirt cheap.  Now I don't use Steam anymore because I couldn't deal with never having a good enough computer to play things the way I wanted.  So I gave up on PC gaming.

Will I come back to this?  Maybe.  Probably not though.  That would involve getting Steam again.  I can only assume this is just like the other game.  Running around, shooting stuff till it dies and not caring about what happens.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Motorstorm RC (PSVita)

A freebie game that I picked up because it was free.  I haven't done too much with it but it is decently fun.  You drive little RC cars around and hope that you don't crash.  The controls do take some time to get used to but it is not difficult to pick up.  This will be short because there isn't much to this game.  Great little game and definitely fun.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixer (PS2)

I received this game as a gift on year at Christmas time.  I didn't really ask it or was interested in it, I was actually trying to get the DVDs but this is what I got.  I could complain but this game wasn't terrible.  It had some frustrating parts but it also was pretty fun.

The reason why I was interested in this as I was just finishing up the show.  I liked the characters and the storyline.  I liked everything about the source material.  This game was something I got into.  The combat wasn't too bad.  The story kind of fit with the show.  My major gripe about this game is the fact that it is short and there are some frustrating bosses.

The alchemy parts are decently done, being able to use turrets and robots is kind of fun.  Some weapons are way more overpowered than others though.  Like the Hammer, it is too slow to be of any use other than for other slow things.  Usually using the environment to your advantage is the best route.  It made for a decently fun time.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lunar Knights (NDS)

A game that is supposed to be fun and people enjoyed it.  What could be wrong?  Well for one, this game is incredibly boring and slow.  I will be short, the little stuff that I remember about this game is the element system which was terrible.  The combat that was incredibly one-sided and shallow.  Then there were the parts where you are in the ship. I remember how bad those were.  The story is incredibly boring as well.

I have been playing action RPGs for a long time.  They are my favorite genre of game.  This game has no redeeming qualities and I hate the fact that it is praised.  I guess it was just not for me.  I can understand why people like this game but I cannot like it.  I'm glad that I didn't almost finish it without realizing it wasn't fun, oh wait.  I stopped playing in the last dungeon cause I got tired of it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS2)

What do you get when you cross a hooker with a hammer?  This game.  Simply put, this is the best Grand Theft Auto I have played.  The music is awesome, the gameplay is tight, and it is fun to play.  The weapons are unique and each has a purpose.

The story is quite good.  You are a gangster, Tommy Vercetti, in the interesting times for Vice City.  Things are new and the world is just spiraling down.  Which is good news for you, there is always a job to do. The missions are good.  They have a lot of variety.

The only gripe I have about this game is the way mission failures work.  If you fail a mission, you don't start back at the mission.  So if you end up really far away from the mission, you have to travel back to it if you fail.  It is often annoying when the police come out of nowhere and just grab your car door and you lose a mission.  You try to get away but the window to get away is far too short.

This game was fun.  Probably the best GTA game I've played.  Sure I haven't played many sandbox games but this was one that I spent quite a bit of time with.  The feeling of the times is captured in this game, it feels like Scarface and that is what Rockstar was going for.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Metroid: Other M (Wii)

It pains me to talk about this game too much.  Such potential was in this title and it turned into a terrible game.  From the lackluster story, that nearly ruined Samus as a character, to a set of gameplay mechanics that make it a pain to play.  This isn't a Metroid game, it's a Team Ninja mess.

Let me get this out of the way now, I am a huge Metroid fan.  I have played them all, even the titles most people would say are not strong outings.  This game left a terrible taste in my mouth.  One that I am hoping will go away in the next title.

Everything about this game is different from the norm.  Sure there is the standard shooting and running but it definitely has some issues.  First issue is the lack exploration.  You are guided to where to go for most of the game.  Sure the Prime series did this as well but they also left it up to you and didn't annoy you into getting to the next objective.

My second issue with the game is the story.  It proves that somebody wasn't thinking clearly when they thought it up.  It doesn't make Samus seem like a badass bounty hunter, like she is.  It makes her seem like a crybaby that hides at the first hint of Ridley.  I mean in one of the Prime games, she kills a fellow bounty hunter and doesn't shed a tear.  This one, she takes her suit off to try to keep somebody from doing what they need to.  That is not the Samus I know and love.

Lastly, the game ends badly.  Not storywise, it drops the ball in terms off boss battles.  The last boss is needlessly frustrating due to bad controls and bad indications as to what you are supposed to for it.  Having to watch that last stupid cutscene for an hour cause you don't know what you are supposed to do was stupid.  It was a bad mechanic and I really hope somebody realizes that having a pixel hunt is not fun.

I wish I could forget this game but it has forever stained my memory of an otherwise great series.  Sure I had a little fun with it and some of the bosses were pretty fun. But this game doesn't feel like a Metroid game.  It feels like somebody had designed an engine and then just slapped Metroid on it.  Team Ninja should feel bad about this.  Everybody should, killing a classic series with this.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Alleyway (GBC)

For a simple concept, this game does it well.  Bounce the ball back at the blocks and don't let it fall.  Simple right?  I have been playing this game as a kid and I have never been good at these games.  Be it Arkanoid or Breakout, even Kirby's Blockball (Which I've only played once and would like to play again).

What makes this game unique isn't the fact that it is technically Mario controlling the little barship thing. It's that this simple concept can be done on such a simple system.  I played this on the Gameboy with the green screen and everything.  To this day, I can't beat the third level.

For an arcade type game, this game doesn't hold up well to todays standards.  In fact, it doesn't hold up well to a lot of standards.  But it is still really fun to play and I had some fun remembering about this game.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Izuna 2 The Unemployed Ninja Returns (NDS)

Few games are frustrating for the right reasons.  Losing all your items and things because you made a mistake and solely your mistake, that is okay.  Losing all your items and things cause you got unlucky, that is not okay.  This game makes both things happen.

This game is simple, make it through the dungeons with limited items and no levels.  Since you lose levels every time you clear a dungeon (At least I think so, I can't really remember).  You have to plan accordingly, make sure you bring items with you.

This was a fun game.  It had a decent story, the characters were likeable, and it was funny.  I enjoyed it and was decently challenged.  I'm hoping for another title in the series.  It is very interesting and they have a lot to build on.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (3DS)

A classic, albeit redone, is nonetheless a classic.  This game is what defined a generation of action games and what set a very high bar for the genre.  Every Zelda game since it's release has been compared to it.  Although I have beaten and played the N64 version, I did enjoy this quite a bit.  It was a great bit of nostalgia.

I won't bore you with the details of this game because most likely you have played this in some form.  Being an incredibly huge action adventure fan as I am, I have to say this game is one of my favorites.  It is not without it's flaws and I do not praise this game.  I take it for what it is, a classic example of how to do certain things correctly.

First, the design is incredibly polished and well-thought out.  The puzzles are solvable and the combat is simple and to the point.  The music is great and the story is a grand with many facets.  My biggest issue with this game is just the sheer amount of time you can pour into it and never achieve everything.  I have never gotten all the heart pieces.  I have tried on several occasions to do it but it never happens.

Sure there are some frustrating parts, namely the Water Temple and for me Bongo Bongo, but the game pushes you.  Each new item is used in various ways in each dungeon.  This game is a classic for a reason, it does things right and set the standard almost for a whole generation of games.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light (PSN)

This game is probably a good example of how not to do an RPG.  Seriously, it is awful.  There are no redeemable qualities about this game.  I played this on my PSP for a while and honestly I regret buying it.

Let's get this out of the way.  This game is generic.  Very generic.  So generic it hurts.  The battles are slow, the dialogue slower.  You can't figure out where to go and what to do early.  Sure I didn't play for that long but I didn't have to.  I figured out this was going to be a mediocre title from the get go.

Now some traditionalist RPGamers will say this is a good game.  It has some decent ideas but they are executed poorly.  So poorly that it is near unplayable.  I never finished this and I hope I never do.  If I do somehow get through this wretched game, I will come back to this.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mission: Impossible (N64)

For as much as I have played this game, at least an hour total, I have to say.  Playing this with no book or guidance is absolutely terrible.  You have no idea what anything does or how to do anything.  I was literally just dropped into the game and they told me to accomplish my mission.  How do I avoid things?  How do I shoot weapons?  How do I use items?

Beats me.  Probably why I will never play this game.  If I had paid for it, I would be mad.  Luckily, I inherited it when my sibling got rid of his N64.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dynasty Warriors Next (PSVita)

The first Vita game I get to review and also my first Vita game.  I had never really played a Dynasty Warriors game and I decided to start here.  Sure there was a lot of annoying parts but it was an overall enjoyable experience.

Let's get down to it.  This is a simple game.  Run around, kill people, and capture bases.  What makes this game more fun is just the insane amount of people all on the screen fighting at the same time.  This was boggling for a while until I realized that most of them didn't ever actually attack.  Once I knew this, I knew how to go about fighting.

The downpoints of this game are pretty low.  The touch minigames are absolutely horrid and unfun.  They really bring down the experience.  The other part that really mars an otherwise good game is the duels.  Dueling is all done via the touch screen but it is just so touchy that you can go from winning to losing, just from touching at a mere split second too early/late.  It is awful and I wish it wasn't in the game.

Being able to make your own character is always a big plus to me and there are lots of options once you beat the main campaign.  I'm sure there is an online aspect but I rarely if ever partake of those.  If you need a quick, hack-n-slash, mindless game for your Vita.  Get this.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Megaman Anniversary Collection (GCN)

8 games in two arcade games.  I have a lot to talk about.  So I will talk about each game.

Mega Man 1 - What can I say?  This started it all.  It definitely hadn't aged well.  The whole score thing and what not.  It was still fun but I never beat it.  The Yellow Demon is near impossible.

Mega Man 2 - This is by far one of my favorites.  Even though I always beat Air Man first instead of Metal Man.  I've never completed this one either.  I should someday.

Mega Man 3 - This is the odd-one in the bunch.  With Top Man and Snake Man.  It isn't a bad title but the Wily Stages seem a little lazy...well not Wily Stages.  The stages with clones seem lazy.

Mega Man 4 - This was technically the first Mega Man game I had ever played.  I still have the NES cart for it.  I enjoyed it a lot but never beat it.  Notice the trend?

Mega Man 5 - This is the second game in the series I had ever played.  I had beaten the Robot Masters so many times, that I could do most of them without the weakness.  Except Napalm Man cause he is wild and awesome.  Never finished this one though.

Mega Man 6 - This one I had never played before this collection.  It has a weird set of Robot Masters like 3. Tomahawk Man and Yamato Man being my favorites.  Never beat this one.

Mega Man 7 - I had rented the original SNES game a long time ago but could never beat Wily.  Still can't do it either.  I have tried to beat it though.

Mega Man 8 - One of the first PS1 games I ever owned.  I have beaten this one.  I had gotten so good at the Robot Masters that I can beat most of them without their weakness too.  Except a few like Sword Man and Search Man.

The two remaining games were enjoyable arcade fighters basically.  You go around and just kill enemies.  Lots of throw backs and nostalgia.  I wish I had beaten more of these games and there is still time to.  Mega Man, I wish they hadn't forsaken you.  Darn you Capcom.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Star Wars Pod Racer (PS2)

What can I say about this game?  I never really made it past the first race.  In fact, I don't think I ever even completed a lap in it.  The game is so hard to figure out and I have no manual.  So I have no way of knowing what to do.  I do remember the first time I watched Episode 1 though.  I wasn't too young but I still got into it.  Pod-racing was one of my favorite scenes and I guess that I had high hopes for this.  I didn't play this game till much later in life and I realized that it isn't good.

Simple statement, it's not fun.  Sure there will be defenders of this game.  Claiming it to be the best ever racing game out there.  I will rebuff that with a big fat "Why?"  Even for a PS2 game it is ugly.  The racing isn't all that fun and you can't really figure out what to do till it is too late.  Sure I could revisit this and love it but I have too much left to review.  So if you like this game, kudos.  I, for one, do not quite care for this game.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Rings of Fate (NDS)

What's this?  A Final Fantasy game with poor quality because they focused too much on multiplayer aspects instead of actually making the game fun!?!  Precisely.  People will say this game is great because it has multiplayer and that I am wrong for saying that it was bad.

No, it was bad because the single-player campaign was bad.  Sure co-op may have been fun but I live in a place where people only play Madden.  I have nobody to co-op with.  Not only are the physics in this game wonky (I cheated to get to the last boss by making a tower with my characters) but it just feels unpolished.  Some of the bosses get a little annoying and everything slows down at the wrong times.

I would say the only redeeming quality is the fact that this is an Action RPG but I have played better.  Much better on the same system.  Still, it was a decent romp through a world that I had already felt I had been to.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Contra (PC)

Infamous cheats aside, I have to get this out of the way.  I couldn't beat this without the code.  I barely did it with the code.  I've never been the greatest at twitch shooters and games of this sort.  It's the reason I never got into Metal Slug because I just couldn't get used to being in the right place at the right time.

Sure this game is a classic and if I compared it to modern titles, it just wouldn't compare.  It's a hard game, really hard.  But at the time when it was created, games had to be hard.  Things from this gen had to be hard to keep kids interested.  There was no such thing as Gamestop or DLC.  Kids had to find this game and shell out quite a bit of money just to play a game where you might never see the end.

The game itself is a simple concept, go around and kill everything.  Try not to die too much and move on.  Where it is different is just how fast-paced and intense it gets at times.  Even on the PC (Thanks to the Konami Classics Collection), there are times when there is just so much on the screen, everything slows down.  You need that slow-down to survive a lot of times.

Would I play this again? Maybe.  Would I beat it without the code?  No.  I'm just not that good.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Castlevania III (PC)

For such a simple concept, the art of vampire hunting has never been simple.  Each time you get dragged to a new place with new foes and sometimes you have to wonder "Where do all these things keep coming from?" It seems Dracula has an inexhaustible army at his disposal each time he is revived.  Maybe it's the sweet castle or just the fact that he steals men's souls and makes them his slaves.  I don't know but I set out to find out with this game.

Now, it's been an incredibly long time since I played this and I cannot for the life of me remember if Dracula is actually in this.  I can't remember if I ever even beat this.  I do remember playing it on my PC with the Konami Classics Collection though.  I remember being able to play as different characters at certain points and I did like climbing walls and things.

This game evokes all sorts of nostalgic feelings and it shouldn't.  I didn't play it for the first time until like 5 years ago, but the feeling just oozes my childhood.  I don't know if is just the overall concept but this game gives me those warm feelings.  Sure I never beat it but there is still plenty of time to do that.  It's not like it's a terrible night to have a curse or something.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Drawn to Life (NDS)

This is a simple game.  Very simple.  You basically draw your hero and then draw some of the objects in the world.  Platform around and get different powers.  These powers are things you draw too.  Like the snow-shooter or wings.  You get to decide what is in the game.  Sure there are limitations to this but it has it's charms.

The platforming could be frustrating at times but the game is solid.  It's not a hard game at all but it isn't bad.  The story is worthless and you can ruin it with terrible drawings too.  Like the planet I drew in the story was actually just a green dot. Then they show it later and it kind of ruins it all.

This wasn't a terrible game.  It wasn't the best game ever but it wasn't awful.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Demon's Souls (PS3)

There are few words that perfectly describe this game. Difficult?  Yes.  Frustrating? At times.  Fun? Well, let's go over this.  This game is one of the few games this gen that I would genuinely say is difficult.  Not difficult because of bad controls or by unfair advantages by the enemy.  This game is difficult at the core and the only person you have to blame when you lose is yourself.

When setting out, it's simple.  Go through the level and survive.  Once you know everything you need to know about the controls (which the tutorial level explains pretty well), it is just you against the world.  The world doesn't like you, in fact, the world hates you.  Everything is out to get you.  Even the NPCs that you save will be helpful at times but you never know who to trust.

There are a large variety of weapons in this game.  Each has it's strengths and weaknesses.  In fact, I went through most of the game with the beginning weapon that I had modified.  Once you find the right weapon, it is very hard to change up since every weapon feels different.  I played as a battlemage, usually with a single-handed sword (although I switched to a katana at the end of the game) and some magic.

This game is difficult.  Very much so, but deaths usually come in two forms: your own fault and completely cheap.  The "your own fault" deaths usually come during difficult fights where you make a mistake and you know you messed up.  This usually comes from rushing.  That's the number one rule of this game, you don't rush.  Rushing leads to death.  The second form is moderately rare.  Like an enemy glitchingly throwing you off a cliff or shooting you from incredibly far away.  These can be frustrating but dealt with.

I liked this game.  I didn't like it for a while but I liked it.  Sure it can feel unfair at times but when you know what you are doing you can prevail.  Never have I felt more satisfaction than when I finally finished this game. That feeling of accomplishment is just too much to give up on this game.  If you want a difficult game, play this.  If you can't put up with being challenged, don't.  This game is definitely not for everybody but worth every minute.  So the world might be mended.  So the world might be mended...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Soul Calibur V (PS3)

It had been a while since I had played a Soul Calibur game.  In fact, the only other game in the series I had played was Soul Calibur II on Gamecube.  My how this series has changed.

The character creator is the key draw here.  Creating my favorite characters from other games is hilarious at times and sometimes they come out really well.  In fact I have spent more time making characters and play as them than playing with the stock characters.  The story is weak but it isn't the worst fighting game story that I have seen.

This is a rare occasion of a game that I have actually played online.  Bouts are fast and incredibly great.  Sometimes you hit a terrible lag point to where the match ends but that isn't that often.  It has been a while since I have played online, so I don't know if it has gotten worse.

As for trophies, they are difficult to get.  I rarely talk about trophies but some of these are ridiculous.  I have to say that I usually dislike online trophies.  Anything that requires me to be the top of something is just not fun.  I play games to have fun and relax.  I don't want to have to learn the ins-and-outs of a fighting system just to get all the trophies.  It's a growing trend I wish would disappear.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Castlevania (PC)

How would one play this on the PC?  This is a very popular NES game.  I must have used an emulator!  Wrong!  I purchased this game as part of the Konami Classics Collection.  It came with the first three Castlevania games and Contra/Super-C.

So how does this game fair on the PC?  Not bad.  The controls translate decently well.  The game looks good on a wide screen despite the 8-bit graphics.  This is a pretty simple game.  Try to live from point A to point B.  You have a whip and various magic items at your disposal.  Each magic item has advantages and is good for something.

The platforming is solid, the combat is fun and patterned.  The bosses are difficult and fun.  I never finished this game.  I would love to but I lost all my saves and didn't feel like playing much anymore.  I made it to the Frankenstein and Igor battle.  It was difficult but not the notorious Death difficulty.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Balloon Fight (3DS)

I received this game free as part of being the 3DS Ambassador that I was.  I will make this short.  It is a game, where you do things. Honestly, I haven't played this game all that much.  It is fun but very simple.  You are a balloon fighter but have to pop other fighter's balloons.

It's a fun way to spend some time but it is definitely an old game.  It hasn't aged well either.  As arcade type games go, it is pretty good.  If you don't feel the need to play this game, the only other game I can think of that is like this game is Joust.  Both are great games.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (PSP)

Kingdom Hearts has always been a guilty pleasure of mine but it has felt that every game since the original have been steadily going down in quality.  This game was a pleasant surprise and helped me get back into the series.  Sure this game has some frustrating points (namely the last bosses) but it was a fun ride.

Let's get down to business, I've always been a fan of action-RPGs where you have the control of what attacks you are using and who to attack.  This game gives me that freedom.  Sure, just like the original, you just wail on enemies but it seems varied this time since you rarely have a friend to help you out.  In fact, being solo is what makes this game challenging.  In the first game, Donald would save you.  All you had to do was survive long enough.  This game, there is no safety net.

The various different battle styles were interesting but often would appear at worthless time.  I often would get the fire style with Terra when I was fighting enemies immune or absorbent to fire.  This was not as rare as I would have hoped.  Fighting the last bosses were frustrating as well because it often felt like I had to constantly be on guard.  I also felt I had to be flawless just to win.

This was a great game and I wish they would have expanded on it better.  By that I mean not have such repetitive worlds or scenarios.  Here's hoping the next games in the series have even more fun in them!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hydlide (NES)

This is another one of those games that I haven't finished but I never plan on it.  This is a game I picked up ages ago for around $2.  I feel really bad for trying this game.

This is the perfect example of a mess.  Nothing about this game is redeemable.  You are dropped into a world with no explanation as to how to play or even what to do.  I'll make this short, you don't want to know what to do.  Save yourself the trouble and don't even bother looking into this game.  I feel like I paid too much for this game.

Of course, people will tell you that this is just a difficult game and you will be surprised if you give it a chance.  I don't want to give this game a chance.  I hope this gets my point across.  Don't play this game, don't even look at it.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

No More Heroes (Wii)

Balls to the wall action, insane amounts of violence, and sexual overtones that are not really overtones.  All these things are phrases that I would probably not describe this game because it doesn't give an extreme enough description.  Let's get this out in the open, this is one of the most tedious games I've played in a long time.  The only saving grace is the boss battles.  Those are more than worth purchasing the game for.

The time between boss battles is spent doing jobs, brawling for cash, and fighting cannon fodder.  Sure this get tedious, actually it is always tedious.  You do level up some skills with money and finding balls and things but once you have certain moves and the best beamsaber, the cannon fodder becomes even more tedious.

Like I said earlier, the boss battles are the best parts.  In fact, if you ignore the other parts of the game...these are easily the best and most well-designed boss battles I've ever fought.  Each boss has a pattern and a set of times when you can hit them and when you should be wary.  Learning this will help you be successful.

I also have to say, this has the craziest writing in any game I've played in a long time.  Everything is insane and just to the point of insanity that it is beyond believable.  The sexual overtones add some humor to the game but at times it can get a little rough if you aren't into that.

All in all, this is a good game and should be part of anybodies Wii collection.  The action is great if you can look past the terrible pieces that are between bosses.  Plus, what game lets you play with a cat and it does nothing to effect the game at all?  Only a handful.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! (PSP)

If you compare this game to the first game, this game is much, much better and much, much harder.  As platformers go, this game is probably the most challenging one I've ever played.  This game isn't challenging because of bad controls or unfair conditions, it is difficult because of the design.  It was designed to be difficult.

This is pretty much the same as the first game, run, jump, and climb to stay alive.  You have to try your hardest in each level and each level just gets harder as time goes on.  The story is ridiculous and it should be.  N1 is good at that.  They are incredibly good at writing things that are funny.

The key draw is the new mode, Asagi Wars.  This adds even more by adding weapons and a life bar.  Plus the story adds more to a great character.  It also has one of the most difficult bosses I've ever faced.  In fact, the last boss in this game is the most difficult game that I've ever faced.  And I loved it.

This is a game that pushes you.  It pushes you to try to be better at gaming in general.  Sure at times it is unfair and you just want to give up but making it to the end and seeing everything it has to offer.  It is the most satisfying thing I've ever been through.  Yes, I love platformers and I love this game.  Sure I got really mad at it a lot but I persevered and it made me a better gamer.  If you want to challenge yourself, buy this.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII (PS3)

Few people will say this game is great.  Few people will understand what the game was trying to do.  The fact is, the game changed the formula a lot.  It was very linear, which is indeed not a very good thing.  But the game had something that was missing from some of the more recent JRPGs.  It had a battle system that tried something.  Sure, part of it didn't work and auto-battle made many people lazy but overlooking this, you can see a great system.  Paradigms and shifting can make the game take on many forms.  Fighting an enemy that is resistant to most things, what do you do?  You have options.  You can have to commandos and a sentinel tank it.  Sure that means you will likely not get a good ranking.

Or you could be smarter and try to use saboteurs and synergists to give you the edge.  Or build the gauge with ravagers.  There are many possibilities.  This gives battles depth.  You can be cheap and auto-battle and tank, but miss out or you can try to be smart and go for the record.  It's up to the player.

The other key thing I love about this game is the soundtrack.  It is simply brilliant.  It evokes emotions at times that most games only wish they could.  The boss battle themes for the main antagonist being some of the best in the series.

Sure this game had flaws but if you try to understand what they were trying to do with this game.  You will have a great time.  The story does fizzle out in the later chapters and it really stops making sense at times.  If you are looking for a good time and you can look past some of the flaws, you can have a great time.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (GBA)

I bought this game just as Partners in Time was coming out.  I was eager to play a Mario RPG since the last one I had played was for the SNES.  I have to say, I was gladly surprised at how much fun this game was.  It was incredibly fun.

The bits I can remember cause it has been years since I beat this have all been good.  The story is awesome, well-paced, and well-thought out.  The combat is the key draw to this game.  It's a turn-based RPG but each attack has a context sensitive cue to do more damage.  I got to the point where I could do most of the difficult attacks without the easy mode turned on for them.

This is one game I would play again had it not been for the last boss.  This is the only really challenging part of the game and such it should.  This boss doesn't break the barrier of being frustrating though.  Once you know what you are doing, you can do it but it is difficult nonetheless.

Through out the game, you know who will be the boss.  You don't expect it to be difficult but you know who you are fighting.  You learn everything you need to know to defend yourself and you are given every opportunity to use those skills.  That's how a game should end.  Using what you have learned throughout the game to win.

For being a GBA game, I was surprised with the depth and the amount of content.  It was a great game and should be in anybodies collection.  Plus it has some hilarious moments and the whole game just has a great feel to it.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sushi Cat (iPhone)

My first mobile game review!  I'll make this short.  At the time I played this, I had gotten it free from free app a week thingy.  My roommate had played the game on his computer and it looked like fun.

Flash games should not be ported to iOS.  This game was buggy.  Buggy enough to make my phone close the stupid game while I was playing it.  It wasn't particularly fun and it was just so glitchy, it's one of the reasons I don't do mobile gaming anymore.  In fact, I really dislike anything that is iOS and gaming.

Did I give the mobile app market a try?  Sure, but when even games like Solitaire can't be done correctly, I didn't have high hopes for the games as a whole.  So I'm disappointed.  Give me a Gameboy before an iOS game any day.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Half-Minute Hero (PSP)

To make a long story short, this game is awesome.  Immensely awesome.  Let me get this out of the way early though, the main game type (hero mode) is the best one.  I mean sure some of the other ones are alright but they are not very much fun.  Hero mode ties an entire RPG into a very short amount of time.  Sure the game does take about 30 seconds to complete some missions, but others will take a while.  The time mechanics make the game seem rushed for an RPG.  This is by no means a bad thing.

The music is very iconic, it will remind you of the older RPGs.  The graphics are almost straight from the NES but there are some features the old system could never do.  The game itself is slick, it plays very nicely.  There is a variety of modes but as I said before the hero mode is the best one.

The story is pretty good with some very funny parts.  I won't spoil it but the time goddess is hilarious.  I would recommend this game to anybody that wants a fun little romp through some nostalgic things.  Ah, nostalgia.  How you cloud a good portion of my reviews with the awesomeness.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (NDS)

Days march on and we see that things never change.  This game is no exception.  Parts of this game are very similar to the Kingdom Hearts games I've played in the past.  You travel around, kill things and level up.  You get new weapons and skills, then have even more fun.

The biggest issue I have with this game is the mission structure.  Every mission is spelled out pretty clear but some are rather boring.  Like collecting a bunch of items or killing some immobile objects.  Sure it sounds fun on paper but it is often boring.

The keyblades are a joke this time around.  Sure the DS has some limitation in what it can render but still, don't skimp on putting in some nicer keyblades.  Palette swapping does not work when you are working with the main weapon that is iconic to the series.  Also, skip the online part...sure it brings in some replayability and what not but it wasn't needed.

I would say this was a bad game but I can't bring myself to do it.  It wasn't that bad of a game.  I had some fun with it.  Some aspects didn't click with me but others were quite tedious.  The story isn't terrible and it is easier to follow than other games in the series but it's not bad.  If you need some fun times in an action adventure game, get this.  If not, it's passable.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

3d Dot Game Hero (PS3)

What can I say about this game?  The concept is simple.  You start your journey to save the world as whatever character you want.  There is nothing better than setting out on an adventure to save the world, but allowing the player to play as whatever they want.  Be it a tank, to a pencil, to a single pixel block.  The game lets you play.

The story is pretty funny.  There are a lot of things to talk to and plenty of things to discover.  Lots of items and lots of stuff to collect.  Getting all the swords and items and things takes a long time but it is fun.  My biggest issue with the game is the map system.  It is downright terrible.  Trying to figure out where to go is often frustrating and really annoying.  Sure this is a throwback to the old games of the same genre but it gets to a point of frustration that it pulls from the experience.

I have to say that this is one of my favorite games on the PS3.  I can look past some of the limitations and tedious traveling at times because it is fun.  The bosses are fun, the dialogue is often hilarious, and there is enough going on that will remind you of the older games in the genre that you will definitely feel some kind of nostalgia.  From Software has been putting out good games and I enjoyed this nice little romp through memory lane.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Hammerin' Hero (PSP)

I didn't know what to expect with this game.  In fact, I didn't know this game was part of a series of games from Japan.  Little did I know, I would run into a game that challenged me and was so insane that it was the most fun I had with PSP for a long time.

It's a simple concept.  Start and go right, avoid things, and fight your way to the end.  Sounds simple?  Well when everything and the scenery wants to kill you, it's not.  I loved how difficult the game can get.  Sure you get different vocations and those are helpful but nothing beats hammering things into the ground.

It's not a long game and parts are really hard but the game is really fun.  Plain simple fun.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Super Robot Taisen: OG Saga Endless Frontier (DS)

Wall of boobs.  This is a game that is really stuck in my heart.  I didn't quite enjoy the battle system because it is very strict and unforgiving.  If you don't get extremely good at juggling your opponents, they will guard you.  Not only that but they can drop all of your next attacks as well.  Sure this is only the later enemies and by then you should know what to do.  But there is a point where it is very frustrating.

The story is what I enjoyed the most.  It combines some good characters and some great story arcs.  There is always something new and everything comes together.  The conversations between the party members are often funny but it gets the job done.

As an RPG, the battle system is unique and I loved it.  Yes I mentioned the unforgiving nature and the fact that you have to be near perfect to win some fights.  I still loved it despite this.  The attacks all have their uses and there is a lot of strategy in this.  When to use skills, when to use items, etc.  A bad choice could easily spell death.

The great thing about this game is that there is a lot of variety and a lot of fun stuff to it.  I wish we had gotten the sequel.  It still stands as one of my favorite games on the DS.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles (Wii)

On-rails shooters.  This is a genre that I generally don't like.  In fact, I know I don't like this.  This game though, has changed my mind a little bit.  It helped me get better at shooting.  I had to focus and shoot the critical areas.

The story does rather clear up some of the plot that I missed with some of the games I hadn't played.  I liked the recap of the stories that I hadn't ever seen.  I also liked some of the guns and leveling them up.

The bosses were kind of inventive and some of the battles are pretty intense.  Sure one of them drags on for way to long if you run out of grenades or shotgun ammo but it doesn't detract too much.

All in all, this is a game that I went into not really enjoying and ended up having a nice time.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Super Mario 3D Land (3DS)

Mario has always been a great series in my mind.  I have enjoyed most of the games in the series.  It's hard to think of a platformer series that I haven't liked and this is no different.

I have to say that the game is fun.  Really fun.  The 3D effects are incredibly useful at times.  They give a feeling of depth that many 3D platformers have been missing in the past.  Sure the gimmick at times is a little much but watching Bullet Bills stream past as they head towards the screen is enjoyable.

Although the main game is rather easy, there are challenging parts.  The return of the Tanuki Suit is great.  In fact, the game can easily be beaten with just this item.  Having two of them almost guarantees that you can beat a level.

I haven't tried the extra levels and I have heard that they are much more difficult and make the game even better.  I would recommend this to anybody who wants a 3DS game.  If you like platforming, this is a game for you.  This is one of the most solid and polished platformers I've played in a long time.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Killzone: Liberation (PSP)

Killzone is one of those series that I thought I would be interested in.  Meaning, I like the source material and premise but I'm not the best in the world at shooters.  In fact, I tend to stay away from shooters.  I do like Top-Down shooters but there is a point when I don't.  This game is an example of that.

The enemy AI in this game is relentless.  In fact, it's downright brutal.  It's the reason why I never liked this game.  I never finished it and I never want to.  If I do, I will revisit this review.

I love the premise of this game though.  Saving the world and what not is always something that I like to do.  What I don't like to do is to have to repeatedly redo a mission because the AI is incredibly deadly or the mission parameters aren't clear.  Yes, challenging games are fun but there is a point where challenge becomes incredibly frustrating.

Will I finish this game someday?  Maybe.  But not anytime soon.

REVISIT: So I actually came back and finished this game.  I have to say, that it wasn't terrible.  The only down point I can bring up besides what I already mentioned was the boss battles and the ending.  The boss battles were just frustrating and not worth anybodies time.  The ending basically ended up being "Play the next game or buy the DLC to finish this.  Thank you."  I still don't like the amount of damage the enemies take and even the fact that some of the controls were wonky.  Don't play this one kids.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wipeout HD/Fury (PS3)

I've never been a fan of racing games.  In fact, other than Mario Kart, this is the only racing game series I've played.

Let me get straight to it.  This game is fun.  Fun to the point of insanity.  I thought the AI in Mario Kart was bad at not letting me get to far.  The AI in later levels of this game are brutal.  Combine that with sense of speed and I just couldn't get into this game.  Sure I like challenges but something about this game just turned me off.

One thing I've never been too keen on is the fact that you have to try over and over and if you miss anything by a hair, you have to try again.  Pinpoint accuracy has never been my forte.  Sure I can snipe quite well in shooters but I've never been able to do it under pressure.  This game pressures you to the point that you can't make a single mistake.

Games that demand perfection are not considered fun to me.  I like to mess around, experiment, and try new things.  Sure it doesn't always work out but I can say that experimenting in this game is a good way to lose.

I will say that this is one of the few games I've ever played online with friends.  This is the one thing I rather liked.  The online is quite smooth and having a whole room full of people you know is fun.  Sure there are people that will ruin the fun by being incredibly good at the game but there is enough random chance that there is just a slim set of hope that you could win to keep it interesting.

I still prefer Mario Kart to this series but I think I would buy another one if I see it for the right price.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition (PSN)

For those that don't know this about me.  I love fighting games.  I didn't use to.  I mean I played a lot, MK, SSFIIT, Clayfighters, etc.  But then I stopped playing fighting games for a long time.  I didn't get back into them until Blazblue: Continuum Shift.

Ever since then, I have been picking up fighting games.  This game is one of those recent surprises.  Sure it is a relatively old compared to BB:CS.  But this was a great game.  My first experience with a Street Fighter game was Turbo on the SNES. I got used to the staples, Ryu, Ken, and E Honda.  Heck Chun-Li was my stand-by for a while.  When I started this game I was looking for M. Bison, Dhalsim, and Sagat.  What I got was Hugo, Q, and Elena.

Not saying this is bad but there is a serious disjoint with this game.  Everything is crazy in this game.  Like what is Seven?  Or whatever his name is.  Nobody will correct me.

Still, not much I can say.  Standard gameplay.  I like the whole counter system.  Supers are awesome too.  I love the music and the graphics.  It's quite good.

I can look past the new characters (What the heck is Oro?) and I have.  In fact, I like Dudley.  But still, this isn't like what I was looking for.  I enjoyed it though.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mario Kart Wii (Wii)

For one of the first games I ever had on my Wii, it was pretty enjoyable.  This was my first true exposure to Mario Kart other than Mario Kart DS.  I have to say I was pretty surprised by the amount of depth put into the game.  While I did play mostly with the Wii Wheel accessory, I tried the Gamecube Controller settings as well.  I stuck with the Wheel because it felt more comfortable.

From a gameplay stand-point it is pretty rock solid.  You race around the tracks, dodging your fellow racers and the various gimmicks for the tracks.  Some tracks I would like to forget about, Mushroom Gorge comes to mind first, but it was still solid racing.  The AI for the computer controlled racers though was quite bad though.  The term rubberband is not a fitting term as these things will stay stuck to you for the whole race.  Usually the same two racers will follow you for a cup (in my case usually Toad and Donkey Kong, sometimes Bowser or Daisy).  Still, the motorcycles are fun to play with and I enjoyed them.

The music was good and the graphics were great for the Wii.  My only complaint is some of the sounds were annoying.  Mainly anything that has to do with Daisy and her voice that could kill a man.

Racing around a Mario themed world should be fun.  Even though the AI can be a bit brutal and often times you will go from 1st to last in a blink of an eye, it was still an enjoyable game.  I only wish I had unlocked all the racers.