Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dynasty Warriors Next (PSVita)

The first Vita game I get to review and also my first Vita game.  I had never really played a Dynasty Warriors game and I decided to start here.  Sure there was a lot of annoying parts but it was an overall enjoyable experience.

Let's get down to it.  This is a simple game.  Run around, kill people, and capture bases.  What makes this game more fun is just the insane amount of people all on the screen fighting at the same time.  This was boggling for a while until I realized that most of them didn't ever actually attack.  Once I knew this, I knew how to go about fighting.

The downpoints of this game are pretty low.  The touch minigames are absolutely horrid and unfun.  They really bring down the experience.  The other part that really mars an otherwise good game is the duels.  Dueling is all done via the touch screen but it is just so touchy that you can go from winning to losing, just from touching at a mere split second too early/late.  It is awful and I wish it wasn't in the game.

Being able to make your own character is always a big plus to me and there are lots of options once you beat the main campaign.  I'm sure there is an online aspect but I rarely if ever partake of those.  If you need a quick, hack-n-slash, mindless game for your Vita.  Get this.

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