Monday, June 18, 2012

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (NDS)

Days march on and we see that things never change.  This game is no exception.  Parts of this game are very similar to the Kingdom Hearts games I've played in the past.  You travel around, kill things and level up.  You get new weapons and skills, then have even more fun.

The biggest issue I have with this game is the mission structure.  Every mission is spelled out pretty clear but some are rather boring.  Like collecting a bunch of items or killing some immobile objects.  Sure it sounds fun on paper but it is often boring.

The keyblades are a joke this time around.  Sure the DS has some limitation in what it can render but still, don't skimp on putting in some nicer keyblades.  Palette swapping does not work when you are working with the main weapon that is iconic to the series.  Also, skip the online part...sure it brings in some replayability and what not but it wasn't needed.

I would say this was a bad game but I can't bring myself to do it.  It wasn't that bad of a game.  I had some fun with it.  Some aspects didn't click with me but others were quite tedious.  The story isn't terrible and it is easier to follow than other games in the series but it's not bad.  If you need some fun times in an action adventure game, get this.  If not, it's passable.

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