Tuesday, June 12, 2012

3d Dot Game Hero (PS3)

What can I say about this game?  The concept is simple.  You start your journey to save the world as whatever character you want.  There is nothing better than setting out on an adventure to save the world, but allowing the player to play as whatever they want.  Be it a tank, to a pencil, to a single pixel block.  The game lets you play.

The story is pretty funny.  There are a lot of things to talk to and plenty of things to discover.  Lots of items and lots of stuff to collect.  Getting all the swords and items and things takes a long time but it is fun.  My biggest issue with the game is the map system.  It is downright terrible.  Trying to figure out where to go is often frustrating and really annoying.  Sure this is a throwback to the old games of the same genre but it gets to a point of frustration that it pulls from the experience.

I have to say that this is one of my favorite games on the PS3.  I can look past some of the limitations and tedious traveling at times because it is fun.  The bosses are fun, the dialogue is often hilarious, and there is enough going on that will remind you of the older games in the genre that you will definitely feel some kind of nostalgia.  From Software has been putting out good games and I enjoyed this nice little romp through memory lane.

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