Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Castlevania III (PC)

For such a simple concept, the art of vampire hunting has never been simple.  Each time you get dragged to a new place with new foes and sometimes you have to wonder "Where do all these things keep coming from?" It seems Dracula has an inexhaustible army at his disposal each time he is revived.  Maybe it's the sweet castle or just the fact that he steals men's souls and makes them his slaves.  I don't know but I set out to find out with this game.

Now, it's been an incredibly long time since I played this and I cannot for the life of me remember if Dracula is actually in this.  I can't remember if I ever even beat this.  I do remember playing it on my PC with the Konami Classics Collection though.  I remember being able to play as different characters at certain points and I did like climbing walls and things.

This game evokes all sorts of nostalgic feelings and it shouldn't.  I didn't play it for the first time until like 5 years ago, but the feeling just oozes my childhood.  I don't know if is just the overall concept but this game gives me those warm feelings.  Sure I never beat it but there is still plenty of time to do that.  It's not like it's a terrible night to have a curse or something.

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