Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (PSP)

Kingdom Hearts has always been a guilty pleasure of mine but it has felt that every game since the original have been steadily going down in quality.  This game was a pleasant surprise and helped me get back into the series.  Sure this game has some frustrating points (namely the last bosses) but it was a fun ride.

Let's get down to business, I've always been a fan of action-RPGs where you have the control of what attacks you are using and who to attack.  This game gives me that freedom.  Sure, just like the original, you just wail on enemies but it seems varied this time since you rarely have a friend to help you out.  In fact, being solo is what makes this game challenging.  In the first game, Donald would save you.  All you had to do was survive long enough.  This game, there is no safety net.

The various different battle styles were interesting but often would appear at worthless time.  I often would get the fire style with Terra when I was fighting enemies immune or absorbent to fire.  This was not as rare as I would have hoped.  Fighting the last bosses were frustrating as well because it often felt like I had to constantly be on guard.  I also felt I had to be flawless just to win.

This was a great game and I wish they would have expanded on it better.  By that I mean not have such repetitive worlds or scenarios.  Here's hoping the next games in the series have even more fun in them!

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