Thursday, November 15, 2012

Guilty Gear Judgment (PSN)

It's a shame that I can't play this on my Vita cause I thoroughly enjoyed this fighter.  Sure I was terrible at it and I never really did much except look at the move list and just do them in Training, but it was fun nonetheless.

This was my first exposure to airdash type fighting games, which would eventually lead me to Blazblue.  I don't know if this game is an airdasher but I don't care.  It was fun.  The fighting game was solid, had a good cast of characters, and wasn't super complicated until you actually wanted to be good.

The action game though, I spent most of my time trying to beat this and still haven't done it.  The last boss is just insane.  I have made it to him as Ky or Sol, I can't remember.  I wish I could beat it but I have tried my best and not even come close.

I look forward to playing more games in the series someday.

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