Saturday, September 19, 2015

Secret of Evermore (SNES)

With my love of Secret of Mana, this game is very close to my heart.  I remember watching my older brothers playing this when I was growing up and it stuck with me.  From the B-movie inspired setting and story to the great music.  I remember lots of this game.  It isn't the best game but just like the inspiration, it has its moments.

Let's start off with the premise.  The player is a kid and his dog that accidentally wander into a laboratory of a scientist while an experiment is being conducted.  They are whisked a way to a place that is ruled by four great rulers.  Each area is set in a different time period: prehistoric, Egyptian, Victorian era, and distant future.  With each area, the dog changes forms.  It is the players job to unravel the mystery behind this place and return home.

The combat is fun and very easy to get used to. Unlike Secret of Mana, there are only a few weapon types like sword or spear.  There is a bazooka as well.  The key draw is the alchemy system.  By combining various items found around the world, the player can unleash powerful attacks or cast buffs on themselves.  Some of these alchemic spells are difficult to use as the resources to use them are very limited.  But it is a fine system once you have the right items.

The music for this game is something that still sticks with me.  I often think about it while staring off at the distance at work.  My favorite track is definitely from the prehistoric town you visit.  It has a great set of percussion that has stuck with me for most of my life.  The graphics are solid for an SNES game and I don't remember much in terms of flaws.  Other than the major glitch I experienced in my file which lead to me being unable to fight a certain boss and missing out on the chance to get the bazooka weapon.

If any of this sounded like something that would be fun, I say play the game.  It does have moments where it is easy to get lost and the map is not the most helpful thing in the world.  The game is worth it though.  It is fun and light.  Just a simple journey of a boy and his dog.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Super Smash Bros. (N64)

This game.  This was the game along with Ocarina of Time that convinced me to get an N64.  I had never seen a game like this before.  It was a mixture of platforming and fighting that I just hadn't seen as a kid.  I had always been a Nintendo fan but when it was time for me to get a console of my own, my parents picked a Playstation.  Now, I don't regret that at all but this game made me want an N64.

When I eventually got this game and an N64, I had more hours of fun than I could remember.  Trying to unlock the four hidden characters, making my own matches and brackets.  Playing mirrors with my friends to see who was the best with each character.  It was the perfect party game.

The premise is a bunch of Nintendo characters are gathered together to fight each other in various themed arenas.  From Mario to Pikachu and Donkey Kong to Samus, the heavy hitters are all here.  Sure, the roster was small but it had favorites for everybody.

My favorite character to use was Kirby.  Throwing items, using special abilities, and his throw were just so much fun.  It wasn't all about fighting though.  Each character could go through an arcade mode to fight Master Hand or play Home Run Derby with Sandbag.  Or even attack targets or jump on platforms.  There was always another challenge to take on.

Even today, this game holds up.  If you can't get an N64, it is on the Virtual Console of Wii and Wii U.  It is a fun game that is sure to make at least one person nostalgic at any party you play it at.  Just make sure to have all the characters unlocked before inviting your friends over.