Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lunar Knights (NDS)

A game that is supposed to be fun and people enjoyed it.  What could be wrong?  Well for one, this game is incredibly boring and slow.  I will be short, the little stuff that I remember about this game is the element system which was terrible.  The combat that was incredibly one-sided and shallow.  Then there were the parts where you are in the ship. I remember how bad those were.  The story is incredibly boring as well.

I have been playing action RPGs for a long time.  They are my favorite genre of game.  This game has no redeeming qualities and I hate the fact that it is praised.  I guess it was just not for me.  I can understand why people like this game but I cannot like it.  I'm glad that I didn't almost finish it without realizing it wasn't fun, oh wait.  I stopped playing in the last dungeon cause I got tired of it.

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