Sunday, October 14, 2012

Alleyway (GBC)

For a simple concept, this game does it well.  Bounce the ball back at the blocks and don't let it fall.  Simple right?  I have been playing this game as a kid and I have never been good at these games.  Be it Arkanoid or Breakout, even Kirby's Blockball (Which I've only played once and would like to play again).

What makes this game unique isn't the fact that it is technically Mario controlling the little barship thing. It's that this simple concept can be done on such a simple system.  I played this on the Gameboy with the green screen and everything.  To this day, I can't beat the third level.

For an arcade type game, this game doesn't hold up well to todays standards.  In fact, it doesn't hold up well to a lot of standards.  But it is still really fun to play and I had some fun remembering about this game.

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