Friday, September 7, 2012

Megaman Anniversary Collection (GCN)

8 games in two arcade games.  I have a lot to talk about.  So I will talk about each game.

Mega Man 1 - What can I say?  This started it all.  It definitely hadn't aged well.  The whole score thing and what not.  It was still fun but I never beat it.  The Yellow Demon is near impossible.

Mega Man 2 - This is by far one of my favorites.  Even though I always beat Air Man first instead of Metal Man.  I've never completed this one either.  I should someday.

Mega Man 3 - This is the odd-one in the bunch.  With Top Man and Snake Man.  It isn't a bad title but the Wily Stages seem a little lazy...well not Wily Stages.  The stages with clones seem lazy.

Mega Man 4 - This was technically the first Mega Man game I had ever played.  I still have the NES cart for it.  I enjoyed it a lot but never beat it.  Notice the trend?

Mega Man 5 - This is the second game in the series I had ever played.  I had beaten the Robot Masters so many times, that I could do most of them without the weakness.  Except Napalm Man cause he is wild and awesome.  Never finished this one though.

Mega Man 6 - This one I had never played before this collection.  It has a weird set of Robot Masters like 3. Tomahawk Man and Yamato Man being my favorites.  Never beat this one.

Mega Man 7 - I had rented the original SNES game a long time ago but could never beat Wily.  Still can't do it either.  I have tried to beat it though.

Mega Man 8 - One of the first PS1 games I ever owned.  I have beaten this one.  I had gotten so good at the Robot Masters that I can beat most of them without their weakness too.  Except a few like Sword Man and Search Man.

The two remaining games were enjoyable arcade fighters basically.  You go around and just kill enemies.  Lots of throw backs and nostalgia.  I wish I had beaten more of these games and there is still time to.  Mega Man, I wish they hadn't forsaken you.  Darn you Capcom.

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