Saturday, July 16, 2011

Scurge: Hive (NDS)

What could be more fun than Metroid in isometric view?  Well not this game.  This was a disappointing title, very disappointing.  Despite the fact that it has a good premise, it falls flat.  The problem, an incredibly broken and boring combat system.  Having enemies take millions of hits to kill is not fun and not difficult.  It is just tedious.

This is incredibly simple, the game is tedious.  Too tedious to be worth playing.  The story falls short of being good, the items you get are either unfun to use or too difficult to work with, and the enemies range from rock walls with legs to instant death.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kirby Super Star Ultra (NDS)

What can I say about this awesome game?  I own the SNES version as well and while I feel it seems better on the SNES, this is essentially the same game.

My favorite thing in this is the Great Cave Offensive.  It has the most amount of content in the game.  I enjoy this part of the game the most.  Kirby is great for adventures.  The premise is simple and all the little references to other games it awesome.

A solid Kirby game and it is definitely a staple in the franchise.  Everybody should play this game in some form.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Chrono Cross (PS1)

This game, this is the game that got me into RPGs.  So much nostalgia behind this game that it makes me feel weird reviewing this because I would be blinded by it.

The part of this game that gets to me, that makes me love this game so much is the story.  What starts out as a simple story of adventure and figuring out what happened, turns into an epic adventure to find out about your past and the world itself.  Switching between worlds was an awesome mechanic.  Things were slightly connected and it made for a fun time.

The battle system was great as well.  Each attack or spell was clear and you could only stack a certain number for turn.  The bosses range from simple to some of the most difficult bosses I've ever come across.

It's a great game.  Everything about this game.  The characters, the music, the atmosphere.  It's pretty awesome.