Friday, July 27, 2012

Demon's Souls (PS3)

There are few words that perfectly describe this game. Difficult?  Yes.  Frustrating? At times.  Fun? Well, let's go over this.  This game is one of the few games this gen that I would genuinely say is difficult.  Not difficult because of bad controls or by unfair advantages by the enemy.  This game is difficult at the core and the only person you have to blame when you lose is yourself.

When setting out, it's simple.  Go through the level and survive.  Once you know everything you need to know about the controls (which the tutorial level explains pretty well), it is just you against the world.  The world doesn't like you, in fact, the world hates you.  Everything is out to get you.  Even the NPCs that you save will be helpful at times but you never know who to trust.

There are a large variety of weapons in this game.  Each has it's strengths and weaknesses.  In fact, I went through most of the game with the beginning weapon that I had modified.  Once you find the right weapon, it is very hard to change up since every weapon feels different.  I played as a battlemage, usually with a single-handed sword (although I switched to a katana at the end of the game) and some magic.

This game is difficult.  Very much so, but deaths usually come in two forms: your own fault and completely cheap.  The "your own fault" deaths usually come during difficult fights where you make a mistake and you know you messed up.  This usually comes from rushing.  That's the number one rule of this game, you don't rush.  Rushing leads to death.  The second form is moderately rare.  Like an enemy glitchingly throwing you off a cliff or shooting you from incredibly far away.  These can be frustrating but dealt with.

I liked this game.  I didn't like it for a while but I liked it.  Sure it can feel unfair at times but when you know what you are doing you can prevail.  Never have I felt more satisfaction than when I finally finished this game. That feeling of accomplishment is just too much to give up on this game.  If you want a difficult game, play this.  If you can't put up with being challenged, don't.  This game is definitely not for everybody but worth every minute.  So the world might be mended.  So the world might be mended...

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