Monday, July 16, 2012

Castlevania (PC)

How would one play this on the PC?  This is a very popular NES game.  I must have used an emulator!  Wrong!  I purchased this game as part of the Konami Classics Collection.  It came with the first three Castlevania games and Contra/Super-C.

So how does this game fair on the PC?  Not bad.  The controls translate decently well.  The game looks good on a wide screen despite the 8-bit graphics.  This is a pretty simple game.  Try to live from point A to point B.  You have a whip and various magic items at your disposal.  Each magic item has advantages and is good for something.

The platforming is solid, the combat is fun and patterned.  The bosses are difficult and fun.  I never finished this game.  I would love to but I lost all my saves and didn't feel like playing much anymore.  I made it to the Frankenstein and Igor battle.  It was difficult but not the notorious Death difficulty.

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