Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Star Wars Pod Racer (PS2)

What can I say about this game?  I never really made it past the first race.  In fact, I don't think I ever even completed a lap in it.  The game is so hard to figure out and I have no manual.  So I have no way of knowing what to do.  I do remember the first time I watched Episode 1 though.  I wasn't too young but I still got into it.  Pod-racing was one of my favorite scenes and I guess that I had high hopes for this.  I didn't play this game till much later in life and I realized that it isn't good.

Simple statement, it's not fun.  Sure there will be defenders of this game.  Claiming it to be the best ever racing game out there.  I will rebuff that with a big fat "Why?"  Even for a PS2 game it is ugly.  The racing isn't all that fun and you can't really figure out what to do till it is too late.  Sure I could revisit this and love it but I have too much left to review.  So if you like this game, kudos.  I, for one, do not quite care for this game.

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