Sunday, August 26, 2012

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Rings of Fate (NDS)

What's this?  A Final Fantasy game with poor quality because they focused too much on multiplayer aspects instead of actually making the game fun!?!  Precisely.  People will say this game is great because it has multiplayer and that I am wrong for saying that it was bad.

No, it was bad because the single-player campaign was bad.  Sure co-op may have been fun but I live in a place where people only play Madden.  I have nobody to co-op with.  Not only are the physics in this game wonky (I cheated to get to the last boss by making a tower with my characters) but it just feels unpolished.  Some of the bosses get a little annoying and everything slows down at the wrong times.

I would say the only redeeming quality is the fact that this is an Action RPG but I have played better.  Much better on the same system.  Still, it was a decent romp through a world that I had already felt I had been to.

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