Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord? 2 (PSN)

Surely, you will learn what this game is.  It's hard to describe and I don't have words for it.  So I won't even try.  As the second entry in a series of games where you place Badman in a dungeon of your creation and you try to defend him by building it correctly.

There is a whole ecosystem to this game and getting set up correctly takes a great strategy.  I for one am terrible at planning these kinds of things, so I never completed all the story based missions.  Sure it is fun to see what happens when you get a good dungeon going and see it eat heroes alive but when you lose, you usually lose in a bad way.

Is this game fun?  I had some fun with it.  Not my style of game but I gave it a chance and at least had some fun with it.  If you like what I described, pick it up.  Pick up the first game and I believe there is a third game in the series but I never played that one.

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