Monday, January 28, 2013

Dissidia: Final Fantasy (PSP)

As a Final Fantasy fan, this game was a dream come true.  All my favorites in one game, clashing in an epic battle for the future of the world.  Getting to pit your favorites against each other and settling some answers about who could beat who.  This game was the number two reason why I wanted a PSP and it was one of the first games I ever bought for the system.

I love everything from this game.  The story is a weak part considering the pedigree and rich history it draws from but it is nonetheless a decent story for what is essentially a fighting game.  The amount of content is incredibly astounding for just how big this game is.  Costumes to unlock, levels to gain, and items to unlock.  I still haven't gotten everything out of the game.

The greatest part of this game is the combat.  It is fluid, responsive, and above all, fun.  That is what makes a good game great and a great game, awesome.  The combat is just so much fun.  Sure the computers can be relentless but even if you are against the ropes there is always a shot.  Just the amount of little nods to the different games in the series makes the whole game worth it for any fan of the series.

What else can I say?  If you own a PSP, you should own this game or at the least the sequel that includes all the features of this game plus mores characters and story.  Even for non-FF fans, this game is solid.  The amount of fun that can be had dodging Exdeath and the VOID! is just too much to be skipped.

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