Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Metroid Fusion (GBA)

I finally get to talk about my second favorite Metroid game in existence.  This game came out just as I was really getting into games and it was definitely one that I won't soon forget.  This was my first GBA game and it showed me just how great a game can be.

Everything from the level design to the graphics in this game are great.  It showed me just how good a GBA could be and really showed off the little device.  Before this, I had been playing on a Lime-green Game Boy Color, so this was definitely something new to me.

The gameplay is the key piece to this.  This is one that truly shows what a good Metroid game can be like.  It has all the elements, like getting new powerups to get to new areas and increase what you can do.  The bosses are well-thought out and often have a quirk or two that throw unseasoned players off.  Sure fighting the cores was a pain, but it was justified.

The best memory I have from this would be the part where you are escaping from a certain enemy.  It is intense to just drop into a room thinking it is just completely empty, only to see the big baddy there.  A moment of fear that quickly leads into a rapid and desperate attempt to survive and escape your untouchable foe.  I will never forget this moment for as long as I game.  This is was a Metroid game should be like, this is what I will remember the series as.

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