Friday, November 26, 2010

Turok: Evolution (GCN)

What a mess this game is.  Take a decent series from the N64 and bring it to the next gen.  This was multiplatform but I will be rating just the Gamecube version.

It is pretty standard in FPS to have many unique weapons and some difficult sections.  This game itself is a difficult section.  The flying parts of the game are often unfun and bogged down by terrible controls.  The worst part about this game is the difficulty.  It is wrong for all the wrong reasons.

Having ungodly AI is a difficult thing to get past.  No matter what you were doing, the AI enemies could see you and worse yet.  They had better weapons most of the time.  Glitchy puzzles and awful platforming are another plague.

The topper that put this game over the edge of bad to terrible for me was the ending.  You spend the whole game working your way to some epic last boss battle.  What happens?  You resolve the whole plot in a confusing cutscene instead of actually fighting the main villain.  Worse yet is you don't know if you actually won or not.

Disappointing game especially since the N64 game of the same series was very, very good.

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