Friday, November 19, 2010

Super Paper Mario (WII)

Now for a platformer, this would be mediocre.  For an RPG, this would be mediocre.  So what does that make this game?  Mediocre at best.

Issues riddle this game.  Things like boring story, way too much text, and slow-pacing.  In fact, I feel that the amounts of text were far too much for even an RPG.  When I have to press A 100 times to get a hint for the next puzzle, only to get wrong information, I get a little frustrated.

Of course, this game has some good things too.  The mix of platforming and RPG elements is quite well done.  Actually, it is incredibly fun.  Despite having to sit through what seems like War and Peace levels of text, this game is well polished.  I ran into no problems while playing the game and it was very fun for the parts I was playing.  Even though the game was bogged down by its own text, I know I keep bringing it up but there is FAR too much text for this game.  It really hurts to think about playing this again just because of that.

Anyway, the story isn't really memorable and the ending is nothing to write home about.  In fact, it is quite predictable although there is a major twist at the end.  Which I honestly didn't see coming.  Other than that, it's a decent game.  Text HEAVY but decent.  The cave of 100 trials is fun at least.  I never did the alternate and harder one but I will eventually.  Plus the cards are a nice replay feature.  Trying to collect all the cards is something that would take a while.

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