Friday, November 12, 2010

Summon Night: Twin Age (DS)

When first playing this I thought that stylus only controls would hurt this game.  Not only does it not hurt it, it was actually pretty fun.  First off, I will say, I love action RPGs.  Love them.  My all time favorite game is Secret of Mana.  Before Square Enix ran the Mana series into the sewers, it was all I would play.  Of course, they decided to use the Mana series as a dumping ground for bad ideas but that is another issue entirely.

This game was fun, annoying at times, but really enjoyable as a whole.  The music was good, the ability trees and such were awesome and gave some depth.  Although not all the skills were useful and once you have the best one.  Well you could spam it.  Spamming was a little bothersome especially when it became clear that the game wanted you to spam it.  I remember a couple of bosses that required spamming.  But I can forgive that.

The story is two things, not-memorable but not detracting from the game.  I remember few details about the story itself.  I do remember having fun and enjoying the story at times but also none of it stuck with me.

All in all, not a bad game.  Not Secret of Mana, but good to fill the void until a good Mana game comes out (which will be never because Square Enix ran it into development hell and left it there).

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