Saturday, November 20, 2010

Final Fantasy VII (PS)

I have to be very careful when I write this review.  This is the most polarizing game out there.  If I say that I hated it, I am instantly branded as a "terrible" gamer but if I say this game was good, then I'm branded a "fanboy."

So I'm going to go between the two and say it is average.  It has good parts and bad parts.  The good parts include the story, fun side adventures (Gold Saucer is easily a game in itself), and pacing.  The bad parts include the battle system and difficulty.

The story is easily the most memorable out of all the Final Fantasy titles out there.  I still remember most of the details about this game and it sticks with me.  It also contains one of the most heart-wrenching moments in my gaming history.  I will not spoil it because these are spoilerless reviews but let's just say.  I shed a tear for this game.  The story is well paced.  Broken between three discs, it is easy to tell what you are doing and where you are supposed to be going most of the time.  Even if you don't feel like playing the story, there is so much side-story and minigames to this game.  They could be their own games.  Chocob Breeding and Racing while tedious reaps many benefits.  Gold Saucer is an awesome place to spend an hour or two.

This brings up the bad parts nicely.  The difficulty starts out quite alright.  Pretty standard, until you start getting godly equipment and materia.  I often had no problems with difficult bosses because I either had an uber spell or equipment.  In fact, for a good half of the game, I didn't even have materia on the main character.  I just spammed attack and took everything down.  This brings up the battles system.  While it was revolutionary for its time (limit break system anyway), it is not very engaging.  Pretty standard if you compare it to current games.

I'm not going to finish this game with a score or even a summary.  I'm just going to say that I enjoyed it but it isn't the best game I've ever played.  I don't think I've even played the best game I've ever played and I don't want to.  If I ever do, I probably won't play games anymore.  Why play games when you've played the best game ever?

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