Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Orbient (WW)

A not very well known WiiWare title.  I bought it during my phase of trying not very well known games.  This game is rather relaxing and quite simple.  You are a small planet.  You must orbit around other planets picking up smaller planets to get bigger.  As you get bigger, you can get planets to orbit you for more points.  Once you reach the correct size, you have to capture the wining planet or I think it was a sun.  I can't remember and it has been too long for me to remember.

The game itself is very solid.  The controls are simple and when you make mistakes, you are rarely punished that badly.  It's a fun waste of time game.  Getting all the secret moons is a little hard at times but I did pretty good without trying.  If you need a physics based puzzler, try this.  It's not super bad but again not shining through everything else.

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