Tuesday, August 13, 2013

LittleBigPlanet (PS3)

This was the first PS3 game I had.  I received it for Christmas the same year I got my PS3.  It was amazing at the time.  Freedom to do what you wanted to do and it was just so quirky.  As the time went on, I quickly learned that the charm wears off.  This game touted the online as being infinite and the fun immeasurable.  That was a very big claim and one I fear this game didn't meet.

To start, the story mode ranges from fun to aggravating as often times the challenges would ramp up for no reason.  Take that into effect with floaty and imprecise controls for a game that demanded it at times and you get a headache.  Add onto the need to put life caps and you get something that is not fun to play through more than once.  Yes, I don't mind a challenge but when the controls are this loose.  Give me a break.

The online started out great.  Then as more and more people got into the H4H movement (Heart 4 Heart), the levels quickly spiraled into nothing more than rooms with nothing in them.  Just to get the trophies.  Creating levels was tedious and even if you put a lot of time into the level, nobody would play them cause all they wanted to do was H4H.  It ruined the experience.  For example, I went through and played a level.  This level consisted of nothing but the beginning portal blocked by immovable black substance all around it.  You could not complete this level.  This level had around 10 hearts.  My level that I put some time and though into, was completed, and even gave away some prizes was played by one person total.  I don't care if people though my level sucked and didn't heart it.  I could care less.  It's the principal of it.  A room with nothing to do and no objective should not be liked and played more just because.

This game was okay.  Nothing spectacular and with each iteration it just got too complex for me to even care.  If they would fix the loose controls and make the online levels not just heart fests with no goal, I would consider going back.  But for now, I'm burned to this series.

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