Sunday, August 11, 2013

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (PS3)

Oblivion, a word that brings to mind great destruction and cataclysmic events.  That describes this game at times.  I have nothing against the game itself.  It is a very solid game and my first foray into the Elder Scrolls world.  It gave me lots and lots of hours of enjoyment and lots of hours of aggravation as well.

To be frank, I have yet to play a game in this series (or the Fallout series) that doesn't play like garbage at times on the PS3.  This is not the devs fault, well not mostly their fault.  They know the market is bigger on PC, so they optimize the games for that platform.  As a console gamer, I understand that most of what I will be playing will be outdone graphically.  I realize that and don't really care that much about graphics.  The piece that gets me is the fact that parts of the game get to be unplayable because of this lack of support for consoles.  For example, the last big battle in the game, chugged at about 4 frames a second because there was so much on screen.  Yes, I'm sure on a PC it was spectacular but here it was bad.

Blame me all you want for not playing on PC but I don't want to play on PC.  Everybody always claims that it is just a choice and console gamers should just shut up about it.  I respect PC gamers and understand that they are superior.  Heck, I've tried gaming on PCs a couple of times and some of my favorite game moments are from PC games.  Then why do I still own a console?  Why have I not moved forward and joined the PC supremacy?  Because I like what I like and I group up with consoles.  There is nothing better than playing on a device that is specifically made to just run games.

All in all, this was a fun game. It gave me lots to do and I didn't even do everything.  I ended up doing most of the Mage's Guild line until I glitched a story quest to be irrecoverably uncompleted.  I will always remember walking into a dungeon and getting mobbed to death by zombies for hours before I learned how to play the game.

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