Monday, March 10, 2014

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (GBA)

As one of the first Castlevania games I played on the Gameboy Advance, I was a little surprised.  This game wasn't terrible but compared to the high point of Symphony of the Night, it is hard not to be hard on this game.  For one, it is incredibly dark.  Like the contrast between character and some of the backgrounds is not different to the point that you lose where your character is.

The other thing that was annoying was the card system was not explained in the game.  I bought this game without the booklet so I had no idea how to use the cards until I looked them up later.  This game was great though.  As the first GBA Castlevania's it set up the groundwork for later titles.  It opened the door and I have to say, despite my complaints it was a decent game with it's moments.  If you get the chance, find this game.  It is worth a playthrough for any fan of the series.

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