Friday, February 7, 2014

Chrono Trigger (NDS)

A grand adventure should start small and build up into something that ends up being memorable but ends in an ultimate conclusion.  What I just said is exactly how this game goes.  You start at a simple point with a simple goal.  It quickly snowballs into a story that has lots of depth.

Let's start off by saying, don't get the Playstation 1 version of this game.  The load times absolutely kill this game.  You want to have the smooth transitions to battles to experience the game greatly.  Battles are great.  You sometimes don't have to even do them and they are great to miss.  It never feels like you need to grind and if you are smart you don't have to.

The part of this game that I enjoy the most is the character development.  Each playable character starts off with a secret or a quirk.  Learning what makes them tick is part of the great part of the game.  I have to commend Square Enix for the character Frog.  He is my favorite character in any RPG so far and I feel has inspired a lot of the ideas I've had for my own game.

I still enjoy the sequel to this game more and I am in the minority in this feeling.  This is still a very solid title and a classic that should be played by everybody.  It is a great game that shows how to pace a game and properly frame a story.

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