Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Final Fantasy X (PS2)

It is very lucky that the randomizer I use to pick my games to review picked this game.  The date of this review is the same day the HD remakes of X and X-2 came out.  I haven't played X-2 so this will only cover X.

I have always been a fan of Final Fantasy because it blended wonderful battle systems and great stories. This game is now the exception.  The combat system in this game is very simple and very good.  Being able to switch out characters without being punished is great.  It gives the player a lot more choices in combat and can lead into some interesting setups.

The other good things about this game is the Sphere Grid.  It lets you grow the characters however you want.  Especially Kimahri who is almost a blank slate with Blue magic.  Not happy that Tidus is a terrible character and can't do that much damage?  Have him go through Auron's grid.  Wish that somebody other than Rikku could steal?  Put them through her grid.  It leads to some wonderful mixes.

Now where this game falls flat, the story.  Many, many people tout this game as having the last best story in the Final Fantasy series (I disagree cause FFXII has a wonderful story).  I won't disagree that it is a story that is framed well but it also has some really grating moments.  The major story plot twist is predictable, in fact, I picked up on it quite early.  Secondly, the characters (minus Auron and Rikku) are bland and uninteresting.  This is one of the few games that I actually wanted to see the main characters lose.

While this is a good game in it's own right, this is not the best Final Fantasy game ever. I know I will gather some hate from this (although only like 3 people will see this) but I stick by it.  By the end of the game, I was just glad to see it end.  Although, I do wish they would have done more with Auron.  Auron was a great character.

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