Sunday, March 30, 2014

Luminous Arc (NDS)

Witches everywhere and they are evil.  But really they aren't.  Some are?  I don't know.  This game has a plot that is quite silly at times, often makes no sense, but ends up being decent.  It doesn't make up for the clunky battle system and the strange glitches that show up.

First off, I love Strategy RPGs.  This game was hard for me to get through for one reason though, it was paced very poorly.  At one point you are fighting enemies that are giving you little to no experience and then you jump into battle with things that will just eat you alive.  It made grinding a chore and a necessity.  Luckily, using any ability gives EXP to a character so you can spam healing or buff spells to level up.

The glitches do really detract from the fun though.  From characters that take forever to path find to their destination to characters disappearing after using a buff on them.  Only for them to return but with the sprite looking like it is in debuff state.  It makes the game seem really weird.  The voices cut in and out as well.  It is very jarring.

This was a good start to a series that we never got the end of.  I never got the next game in the series but I would hope someday I could.  This wasn't a terrible game.  It had some good ideas and the story ended up being quite nice.  It just needed a little more time for some polish.

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