Sunday, October 5, 2014

Metroid II: Return of Samus (GBC)

Looking back on my time with this game, it brings back fond memories of playing through this whole games in a span of two days on a very long road trip.  I still remember where most of the items are and I remember the excitement of meeting my first Zeta metroid.  I've always been a fan of the series and this was just a continuation of my love.

The story premise is simple.  After the events of the first game, Samus Aran must go hunt metroids on their home world.  The story is very simple and to the point.  This game is meant to instill a sense of adventure and solitude.  You feel as if you are the first human to ever visit this place just as it should be because you are the first to visit.  Or at least the first to survive.

See, the planet SR388 is a dangerous place full of enemies and metroids.  Just about everything in this game is trying to kill Samus and it is your job to survive.  Most of the enemies are simple and have very predictable patterns.  Metroids on the other hand are difficult.  There are four types and they will destroy you very easily if you are careless. Why fight these things then?  Well, you can't advance without killing them.  The whole point of the game is to eradicate all the metroids.

The only part of this game that is a huge hindrance is the fact that there is no map.  Just like the first title, unless you are keeping a map, there is nothing.  It is incredibly easy to get lost in this game.  It is also easy to miss things that you need to advance.  Unless you know where to go, get ready to wander.  This does bring a sense of realism but mostly it is just a limitation of the Gameboy.

This is a great game and really should be played by anybody that likes Metroid.  Sure there are lots of times you will get lost but it is worth playing.  The battles are fun and exciting.  This is a great game to play on the run.

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