Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Last Story (Wii)

This is a game to show just how the Wii could have been had more developers taken the time to look past the motion controls and actually made games for it.  This is a game that helps me understand why the Wii was such an under-utilized machine.  This is a Wii game that brings the question to light, "why didn't more devs do this?"

I am having a hard time forgetting about this game and for good reason.  It has one of the best battle systems I've ever experienced.  Being able to dodge and counter an enemy but still maintaining the turn-based theme is a strange and excellent combination.  The combat is what this game really shines with.  When you lose, you know why and you know what to do next time.  There were only a handful of times when I really felt that the battle was unfair but I kept playing despite it.

The stealth aspects the game are a nice touch but often felt unneeded.  The story was good, a little corny at times, and definitely predictable in the end but good.  This story does something that I have wanted in an RPG for so long, it makes you question your motives at every turn.  You seem to wonder if the path you are walking is the correct one.

All in all, this is an astounding experience and I feel like this is what Final Fantasy XII should have been.  The combat is smooth, responsive, and incredibly fun.  There are a lot of things to this game that can be deep, like the multiplayer or co-op that I didn't even try.  Even the single-player has an Arena that I didn't even touch.  There is a lot to this game but the whole journey is worth it if you stick with it.  Definitely a must buy for any Wii owners.

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