Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Custom Robo Arena (DS)

Now we come to the first game that I didn't really enjoy.  Going into this game, I really was excited.  Pocket sized robots that are customizable and fun to use.  Battling each other in an arena?  How can that not be awesome?  I will explain why.

First, the story.  It is so convoluted and boring that it's not even worth mentioning.  In fact, here is all I will say about it.  It was dull.  So dull, I don't even remember most of it.  This story could have any character switched out and replaced by a robot and you wouldn't tell the difference.  The relationships between characters is ranging between "knows" and "doesn't know."

Secondly, the battles.  While the battle system is great, the combat is fluid, each part has a downside and a plus, and there is a lot to having a good setup.  The battling itself is boring because there is no progression between who you fight next...until very late in the game.  Every battle feels the same, in fact I used the same setup for the whole game and each battle (besides the last few battles) felt exactly the same.

Lastly, difficulty.  In the beginning, the game starts out decently.  A nice learning curve is established.  You learn what sets work against what robots.  How to avoid certain attacks, things like that.  At the end of the game, you have no advantages.  In fact, the entire last few bosses, they have more advantages than you and there is no way to counter them.  This is not good pacing.  If I am expected to get better, then don't have it be for the last three or four battles.  Work me up to that point.  Also, don't make the last boss near god-like.  Having weapons, abilities, and the like that I have no access to or have never seen before is not fair.

All this said, this game wasn't terrible.  I beat it, it can't be bad if I beat it.  It just had some basic development issues.  One last thing.  Cleaning my robot, IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE FUN.  Why is this a feature?  What were you thinking?  I know, DS touch screen needed to be used, let's put in this cleaning thing.  No.  Bad Nintendo.  Cleaning is not fun.  That's why I play games, so I don't have clean.

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