Thursday, September 23, 2010

Contact (DS)

Now this game.  One of my first DS purchases.  In fact, one of my first Atlus games as well.  Not much to say about this game other than I loved it.  Everything about this game screams retro.  The style of battle was well thought out.

The battle system is what I will focus on here.  Basically your character has several jobs 6 (I don't count the default useless job).  You can pick your weapon.  Then to engage in battle, you just press a button to switch to battle mode.  If there are enemies on the screen, you pull out your weapon.  Just approach and profit.

The game starts out quite difficult (the first boss being difficult is not always fun) but it pays off in dividends.  Having you actually learn the basics before moving on means you don't get confused later.  The sticker system is useful but I never needed to use it.  My personal favorite job was Chef.  Because cooking was just so simple and fun.  You could try to make all sorts of different dishes and things.  Plus watching bosses die as you hit them with a Filet Knife was just awesome.

Was this a popular game?  No.  Should it have been?  Probably.  This game tried to do a lot of new things and nobody really paid attention to it.  I liked it.

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