Sunday, August 13, 2017

Bioshock 2 (PS3)

Returning to a place that was long forgotten.  It was pretty obvious after the first game that developers weren't done with Rapture.  Although some of the charm had definitely left the series at this time, it was still a worthy entry.

First off, if the player has played the first game, this isn't going to be a huge change.  There are some obvious changes to some of the mechanics and there is a bigger emphasis on combat this time around.  Which makes sense, since the player is a Big Daddy.

The story takes the player through some familiar scenery but also through some new areas.  I honestly don't remember too much about the various set pieces or scenes in this game.  It wasn't as memorable as the first game.  Things kind of blend together at times.

Combat felt very similar to the first game as well.  There are some familiar plasmids to use and some new weapons.  Taking on the various enemies was often times very annoying if I wasn't paying close attention to what was going on but I didn't have a hard time beating the game.  In fact, one of the most tense moments at the end was completely disarmed for me because of my plasmid setup.  I won't spoil too much but near the end of the game there is a timed section where the player has to fend off multiple Big Daddy class enemies and survive till the timer ends.  My setup included a stealth module, such that I was rendered completely invisible to the enemy as long as I didn't move.  So I simply setup on the point that the game told me to be at and waited out the timer, watching the enemies just lumber by without being a threat.

The first game was a great start to the whole series.  It set things off on a good note, built up a fantastic world, and built suspense.  This game, while not incredibly memorable, did similar things.  It was fun playing as a Big Daddy and there are some twists in the story.  None as big as the first game but there was an attempt.  If you enjoyed Bioshock, this is a must play.  It adds to the story and was a decent ride.

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