Sunday, July 16, 2017

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition (3DS)

I have a love affair with fighting games.  On the one hand, I sometimes really enjoy them.  Blazblue as a whole is one of my favorites.  Street Fighter was a series I just never really got into.  Sure I played Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo as a kid but I only ever button mashed.  I didn't know what combos or even moves were.

So when this game came out, I decided to give the series a serious go.  Sure, this game is the weakest version of the game but I wanted to start here. I found it an enjoyable excursion and just a tiny bit frustrating at times.  I will state this game's stated feature, 3D fighting mode, works for the most part but doesn't add too much.

Street Fighter is a fighting game series that pits two combatants against each other in a duel to see who is the best.  Each character has a unique moveset or at least a unique feel.  Some characters are very similar and share some moves but these moves will often do different things or react differently.

Playing this game and being good at this game are hugely different.  It is pretty simple to beat the computer at lower level fights.  Button mashing with the occasional move will often net a win.  Try and do that against a human opponent and it is met with bitter defeat.  A lot of the playerbase has been playing these games for years.  Studying frame data, learning combos, memorizing what to do when with their character of choice, etc.  For a newbie, it is really a daunting task.

Street Fighter is a genre staple.  Sure lately the series has seem some hard times, I haven't played Street Fighter V yet, but it is still fun at the core.  Watching characters pull off spectacular moves, trying to best an opponent, or just messing around.  You can't go wrong with this title.  Sure the online mode is pretty much dead but there is still some fun to be had.  Being able to play Street Fighter on a portable gaming console is also really fun.  It definitely lends itself to a short burst kind of playstyle.

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