Friday, July 10, 2015

God Eater Burst (PSP)

Throughout my many years in gaming, I have never been too keen on games that fall into this genre.  I didn't really find it till I bought Monster Hunter Freedom United on the PSP and it was okay.  I picked this game up because I was told it was much faster than Monster Hunter and not as difficult to learn.

I'm glad I picked this game up.  Though it took me a very long time to finish this game, it grew on me.  I did have to wait till I could improve the controls of the game using the Vita.  See, on the PSP, moving the camera involves using the D-pad.  This means you had to take your thumb off the control nub to play it.  With the Vita though, I could remap the controls and make the game incredibly fun.

Let me talk a little bit about the story.  It wasn't the greatest story but it had moments that were pretty good.  Pretty much humanity is doomed due to lifeforms called Aragami. The last hope for the human race is the God Eaters, people that can use God Arcs to defeat the Aragami.  The game really takes a turn at the end and honestly, I wish they had stuck with the theme of survival.

The combat is fluid and fast.  Switching between gun mode and blade mode brings in a whole aspect that you just don't get in other raid type RPGs.  If the enemy is too dangerous to get close to, retreat and use bullets to bring it down.  Enemy too fast to shoot?  Switch to blade mode and whack at it as you dodge.

The missions are varied but always usually boil down to killing your prey.  Some of the Aragami are unique and fun.  Others are just annoying to fight no matter what gear you have.  They each have weakpoints that if you focus on, will net bonuses.  The best aspect though is being able to devour your enemies to gain boosts and special Aragami bullets.  Some of these bullets are powerful and feel great to fire back at the enemy that you are fighting.  The game does drag on sometimes with some of the later Aragami having way too much health or no viable weakpoints for your weapon to exploit.

I really with this game would have been more popular.  From what I have seen of the sequel in Japan, it looks like even more fun.  Although, I'm not big on these types of games.  I had fun with this one.  It is fast enough and there is not a super ton of grinding for rare materials like other games in this genre.  If you want to play this game, I suggest putting it on your Vita.  The PSP is passable but the Vita makes the game so much easier to play.

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