Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hyrule Warriors (WiiU)

I've always loved Zelda games.  They are some of the few games I remember playing as a kid.  Either watching my two older brothers beat A Link to the Past or finishing Link's Awakening for the first time on the Super Gameboy.  I just have some fond memories of the games.  This game plays on that by bringing all the characters I know and love (and some I forgot about) into one game.

This by no means is a normal Zelda game.  If it sounds familiar, this is musou style game.  Basically, if you have ever played a Dynasty Warriors game, then you will know what that is.  Large areas of tons of enemies to just hack and slash your way through.  This game is just Zelda themed.

To get to it, the combat is solid but does suffer a little when fighting certain enemies.  I can recall lots of times when I was unfairly destroyed by an enemy I had no chance of even seeing.  Still, it is pretty simple.  Pick a map, pick a character, and try your best.  Each character feels unique and even different weapons can change how the game feels.  Some characters are slow but powerful, others are weak but fast.  It really just takes picking the right character at the right time.

There is a lot to this game.  I mainly stuck with the story but there are challenges and an adventure mode.  Lots of content that you typically don't find in a Warriors game.  I think this is partially due to Nintendo really wanting to flesh this game out.  Sure they didn't develop it but they had the final say as to what went in.

If you are a Zelda game fan, this is definitely worth playing.  There is a lot to offer, lots of nostalgia, and just lots of fun.  Sure the game is pretty mindless at times as you move from point to point or enemy to enemy but sometimes a player just needs to vent.  This is a great game to get some frustration out on.

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