Sunday, July 31, 2016

Devil May Cry HD (PS3)

Twitch combat and combo based action games have never been my forte.  I'm terrible at them.  I have a hard time doing combos in things.  So when I decided to get the Devil May Cry trilogy for the PS3, I thought I was going to have a super hard time with it.  I was right.

The first game for me was brutal.  My scores for the various challenges were pretty bad.  I lost to a lot of the bosses numerous times and I had to use cheap tactics and items to win.  The game itself is solid though.  The combat is fluid and when the player whiffs on an attack or dodge, it is their fault not the games.  Albeit, there are some rooms where the camera was in an odd place and an off-screen enemy rushes without little notices.  I don't remember anything feeling cheap or downright frustrating.

The story is kind of unique.  Demon hunter Dante is investigating a castle or whatever.  Things happen, people get killed, and things gets saved.  Some of the scenes get cheesy with how over the top it is and some of the dialogue is questionable but this is what the developers were going for.  Opposed to the darker feel that Devil May Cry 2 had, this one is a little pulpier.

There is a lot of game to play and lots of ways a player can push themselves.  Multiple difficulties, lots of challenging parts, and different ways to play.  In a lot of ways, this game is like God of War but much more refined.  The combat is much tighter.  Sure there are some flaws with the combat and sometimes the platforming was sketchy but the game as a whole is solid.  I enjoyed myself as much as I could for a type of game I am absolutely terrible at.

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