Saturday, March 5, 2016

Super Mario Maker (WiiU)

This is the kind of game that should really appeal to me.  I love thinking of my own levels and being given the tools to a great franchise like Mario should seem like a dream come true.  The problem is, there is a limit to everything in this game and that only limit is your imagination.

The concept is simple, the player is tasked with building their own levels.  If you are impatient, you can get all the set pieces early but I did it the slow way and worked with the delivered pieces as they came.  After 7 days, all the pieces are there to play with.  Once you have them all, it opens the doors to complex levels that even I can't figure out how some of these are created.

The other aspect of this game is to play levels created by all the other game owners.  These can range from simple jumping adventures to infuriating complex puzzle levels and everything in between.  I must say that I rather enjoy the well thought out levels.  Thinking of new ways to use an item or set piece or enemy combination is always a blast when the creator of the level uses them correctly.  Then there are some levels that are just so stupidly hard they no longer are fun.  Having pipes or doors that lead to nothing and the player has no way of knowing beforehand this will happen does not make a good level.  Trial and error is not fun.  Especially blind trial and error.

This is a good game if you enjoy building levels and creating ideas for others to play with.  Although a lot of the user created content is hit or miss, there is some fun to be had.  I do wish they wouldn't lock the costumes behind some stupidly hard levels but so far I haven't had too much for a problem getting all the special stuff.  If you are a fan of Mario, definitely get this game.  Get this game if you have a lot of amiibos too.  Those costumes may not seem like much but you can make some cool themed levels with them.

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