Monday, September 14, 2015

Super Smash Bros. (N64)

This game.  This was the game along with Ocarina of Time that convinced me to get an N64.  I had never seen a game like this before.  It was a mixture of platforming and fighting that I just hadn't seen as a kid.  I had always been a Nintendo fan but when it was time for me to get a console of my own, my parents picked a Playstation.  Now, I don't regret that at all but this game made me want an N64.

When I eventually got this game and an N64, I had more hours of fun than I could remember.  Trying to unlock the four hidden characters, making my own matches and brackets.  Playing mirrors with my friends to see who was the best with each character.  It was the perfect party game.

The premise is a bunch of Nintendo characters are gathered together to fight each other in various themed arenas.  From Mario to Pikachu and Donkey Kong to Samus, the heavy hitters are all here.  Sure, the roster was small but it had favorites for everybody.

My favorite character to use was Kirby.  Throwing items, using special abilities, and his throw were just so much fun.  It wasn't all about fighting though.  Each character could go through an arcade mode to fight Master Hand or play Home Run Derby with Sandbag.  Or even attack targets or jump on platforms.  There was always another challenge to take on.

Even today, this game holds up.  If you can't get an N64, it is on the Virtual Console of Wii and Wii U.  It is a fun game that is sure to make at least one person nostalgic at any party you play it at.  Just make sure to have all the characters unlocked before inviting your friends over.

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