Friday, August 29, 2014

Fallout: New Vegas (PS3)

As a newcomer to the Fallout franchise with Fallout 3, I was so engrossed that I actually did just about everything in that game.  When this game came out, I couldn't wait to delve back into the world.  I have to say, I like Fallout 3 more than this one still but they are both great games.

First, I know everybody will say that the game is better on the PC.  Why did I play on the PS3, probably the worst version?  I played it on this because I wanted to.  I still had a great time despite all the flaws, so that just proves the game has a lot going for it.

The story of this game is kind of intriguing.  Definitely fit for a post apocalyptic setting.  My only gripe is that the main storyline lacks any sort of twists.  You pretty much know what is going to happen as it happens.  Even when you get to the actual Vegas part of New Vegas, you are not really surprised.  The story is great in the stuff that is not part of the main story.  All the little side stories that happen around the area are better than the main story which makes this all the more confusing.

The combat is the main draw.  In this game, they fixed the sights on the guns to actually go down the barrel when zoomed in.  This makes not using VATS all the time viable.  In fact, I rarely used VATS in this adventure.  I only ever used it for more precise grenades and difficult enemies.  I do not like some of the new enemies and miss some of the ones from Fallout 3.  All in all, the combat is great and definitely worth just playing this game just for it.

A major problem with this game is the stability.  Throughout the whole game and all the DLC chapters, there is always the fear of a crash.  You can mitigate this with disabling certain settings but I feel that doing this is playing the game as it wasn't intended to be played.  So I played with default settings and dealt with the crashes.  In all honesty, it only got bad in the last DLC chapter released.  There were times when I was getting 2 frames per second but only when certain enemies were on the screen and only in one area.  Everything else played decently well and did not hinder my enjoyment.

Sure playing Fallout games on non-PC platforms may not give you freedom of mods and textures and things like that.  I feel that games should be played as the developer intended.  These people put a lot of work into making what they did, what gives me the right to change what they did?  The game is fun despite the problems and I am grateful that I got a chance to play it.

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