Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dead Nation (PS3)

The premise behind this game is pretty simple.  Zombies are everywhere, kill them.  Keep killing them until they are all dead...well dead again cause they were already dead.  

I typically don't really like shooters like this because I am terrible at them.  Even on the easiest modes, I have a hard time.  This game was fun to play but there are other issues with it that make it not as fun.  For one, it is too dark.  I understand that making the game dark is what makes it challenging but it was simply too dark to do much with on my old TV.

Some of the scenarios and side things are frustrating or just downright silly.  I never really felt like doing them and I didn't really have to.  The story is okay but nothing to write home about.  The controls are solid though and there is some substance to the little things in this game.  It isn't a terrible game but if you have played a zombie game, this doesn't break any new ground.

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