Friday, October 11, 2013

The Simpsons Hit & Run (GCN)

I am a big Simpsons fan.  I still watch the show and enjoy it.  Sure the most recent seasons haven't been as good as the older shows but that is besides the point.  This game is an interesting cross between Grand Theft Auto and a serious racing game.

My biggest complaint is the fact that the missions range from super easy to beyond annoying.  The times vary for the missions to points that are just not fun at times.  I mean the last mission is just an activity of frustration and tedium.

The game does stay close to the humor of the show and there are tons of references.  Be it all the one liners the various characters make, to the advertisements seen in the streets.  This game is great for anybody that likes the Simpsons.  Having five playable characters is fun, even though all of them play the same, it does keep things a little fresh by hearing different voices at times.

I would say that this is probably the best Simpsons game out there, if the arcade game from the 90s didn't exist.  If you have a Gamecube and are itching for something open world, this is the best game to get.  I had fun with it but I knew I would going into it.

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