Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fat Princess (PSN)

This was one of the first games I had for my PS3 and was in fact the first game I had gotten off of PSN.  It was an interesting concept but as time goes on it just gets old.  It kept it's charm for a while but once you start playing with strangers, the fun drops sharply.

The game is plagued with little glitches and hiccups.  Most of these are just minor and don't really hurt the experience too much but some can be downright terrible.  When your entire team is wiped out because of one person glitched to where they can't be killed, it's not much fun.

The reason I stopped playing this game was simple.  The last match I played was with strangers and three of my teammates spent the entire match, throwing bombs at our own door.  No matter how much I tried to rebuild it, they would continue to blow it up.  That's when I knew the game was over.

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