Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tales of Symphonia (GCN)

As my first adventure into the very definition of JRPG, I have to say I quite enjoyed myself.  One of the greatest things about this game is the battle system.  Each battle is unique because you can change it by being in a different location.

I love the battle system in this game.  It never gets dull, you never just hit the same button over and over from a menu.  You have to pay attention and dodge or block at the right time.

The story, while generic, has some good turns.  Although, I did see where it was going quite soon.  It just comes from years of playing games.

This game was a great change of pace from my usual RPG.  I did end up spending a lot of time with it and enjoyed it for what it was.  I did miss a TON of side content though and if I ever play it again, I will do that stuff as well.

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